Automated Picking and Packing Operations: Process Optimization by means of AI and high-fidelity Simulation

IMA Mechanical Technical Dept. Innovation – R&D

March 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

IMA S.p.A.


S. Ferrari

Project Description

The project goal is to design a 3D simulation environment for robot manipulation for the 3D object packing process. This project aims to provide a high-fidelity visual perception environment with a realistic physics engine to reduce the sim2real gap. The environment can be used for training deep learning algorithms for a generalized 3D packing model, which could handle objects with random shapes during the logistic process.

Research Goals

  • Picking 3D cluttered objects inside the box using computer vision and motion planning
  • Planning the best packing pose for each object to minimize the desired objective
  • Place each object sequentially using a robot manipulator

Special Events

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