Lab Activities

Hiking in colorful autumn

The LISC members celebrate Taylor Clawson’s recent graduation and go hiking along a beautiful gorge trail after lunch.
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The LISC spends the day at Destiny USA

Lab members tried their luck at 5 Wits where they navigated an asteroid field in deep space, unlocked medieval mysteries of Drago’s castle, invaded an enemy HQ in espionage, and solved ancient puzzles in a Pharaoh’s tomb! After everyone made it out safe, the LISC reconvened for lunch.

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The LISC takes on the Ozaki 8

Life of Ice

The lab members put their skates on for some winter fun at the skating rink.

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Master of Six Lives

The LISC members take a break from their research to climb the elaborate rock walls at Cornell’s Lindseth Climbing Center.

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Life of water

The lab heads out to the nearby lake Cayuga for some kayaking on a beautiful summer day in Ithaca.

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