Autonomous Vehicle Workshop on Social Implications

VehoThe Autonomous Vehicle Workshop, co-organized by Wendy Ju, Helen Nissenbaum, Jake Goldenfein, Sharon Ayalon and Silvia Ferrari, will bring together multi-disciplinary experts to discuss the social implications and ethical consequences of autonomous transportation, as well as the effort orientation for the improvement of individual, social and civic life. Find more information here!

LISC Research Story by Cornell Research

Veho“Autonomous Vehicles for Air, Land, and Sea”:  The LISC is equipping autonomous robots with an intelligence to go where man or woman may not be able to go—dangerous environments, complex situations under water or in the air. These robots can be quick with decision making and physical speed. And they can collaborate with each other. Read the full story here!

Veho Institute launches at Cornell Tech

VehoThe Veho institute, co-led by Professor Ferrari, Unibo Rector Ubertini and Vice-Rector Sangiorgi, is advancing automotive engineering and data science through collaborations between Cornell and Unibo students and faculty, and auto industry partners, such as Dallara, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari S.p.A, and other MUNER companies. Read the full story here!