I-Corps: Neuromorphic Target Tracking and Control for Insect-scale Aerial Vehicles


NSF IIP-1838470

July 1, 2018 – January 1, 2019



Division Of Industrial Innovation & Partnerships


S. Ferrari

Project Description

This I-Corps project explores the commercialization potential of neuromorphic sensing and control algorithms that enable accurate environmental sensing from moving robotic platforms. Neuromorphic cameras sense the environment with sub-millisecond latency and, unlike traditional cameras, provide information only about changes in the scene, thereby reducing bandwidth requirements. The algorithms which will be explored by this project efficiently process the data from neuromorphic sensors to detect the presence of moving targets and stationary obstacles to enable efficient autonomous control for high-speed aerial and ground-based robots in uncertain and rapidly changing environments. The proposed techniques have been validated in high-fidelity simulations using benchmark datasets and have been shown to be capable of rapid adaptation to unexpected changes while maintaining control of the autonomous system.

Research Goals

  • Conduct at least 100 face-to-face interviews with potential customers to learn first-hand about their needs
  • Determine commercial viability of neuromorphic sensing algorithms for robotic platforms
  • Explore other commercial applications of neuromorphic sensing techniques

Special Events

  1. I-Corps Lessons Learned Meeting, Washington, DC, September 2018
  2. I-Corps Kickoff Meeting, Washington, DC, July 2018