New Media Coverage of RoboBee Collaboration

Our work on biologically-inspired control of the RoboBee, in collaboration with the Harvard Microrobotics Lab, has been featured by the Cornell Chronicle and The Register. The articles describe our work to create control architectures that are both adaptive and energy-efficient using neuromorphic systems. Click below to see the original articles:

Cornell Chronicle:

The Register:

Robots – Like Small Fast Insects

robobee_hover“Silvia Ferrari, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, with Robert J. Wood (Harvard University), is working toward a future where autonomous, small-scale robots would have similar capabilities, sensing and responding to their environments and maneuvering without human commands. These robots would be particularly invaluable for surveillance or reconnaissance missions in dangerous or remote environments.”

Read the full article here.

New Grant! Convolutional-Feature Analysis and Control for Mobile Visual Scene Perception

surveillancefigUsing a combination of recent developments, ranging from computer vision to decentralized estimation and control, this project will develop a deep-learning Bayesian-optimization framework hinging on sparse features for mobile cooperative scene perception. The methods developed in this project will be tested using real video data from Cornell’s campus as well as virtual data generated using a realistic game engine.

Cornell Chronicle: Researchers link robots to surveillance teams

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